Go after your dreams – life is too short to think what if!”

We interviewed Carey Nell about her consulting business in the Netherlands. Here’s her story.

What is the official name of your business (as registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)?

Carey Nell Consulting

What services/products does your business provide?

Coaching business helping busy frustrated moms and women on the move not only with their physical well-being through fitness and nutrition but also their mental well-being through mindset and confidence tools.

When did you start your business?


Why did you start your business in the Netherlands? How did your business come into existence?

I have struggled with my own weight and confidence for many years. In 2020 during the first Covid lockdown, I decided that I was not going to let this carry on. Through my own struggles, I have spoken to and realized there are so many other moms out there who feel the same. So I started my business to help frustrated busy moms feel confident and have someone to keep them accountable and not feel like they are doing this journey alone.

What have been some of the challenges of doing business in the Netherlands?

  • Understanding the market and competition
  • Finding a business bank account
  • Marketing to a different culture

What advice can you give to fellow South African business owners wishing to start their businesses in the Netherlands?

  • Do your research
  • Document everything from the beginning

Can you provide some words of inspiration to help your fellow South African business owners living in the Netherlands?

Go after your dreams – life is too short to think what if!

In order to support fellow South Africans, is there a discount or special discount code for those wishing to purchase your products/services?

Discount Code is SAFFA21

The city/town/province in the Netherlands where you’re located:

Spaarndam, North Holland

How can we get in touch with you?

Email: Careynell@outlook.com

Website: Www.careynell.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carey.nell.9

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