South African Marketing Business Owner – Interview with Wian Smith-Venter

“Let’s work hard, but have fun while we do it!”

We interviewed Wian Smith-Venter about his business in the Netherlands. Here’s his story.

What is the official name of your business (as registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)?

Marketing Zoo B.V

What services/products does your business provide?

Marketing in it’s wildest form: Social Media Management, Website Development & Maintenance, Brand Building, Hosting, Digital Strategy, Marketing Consulting, Public Relations

When did you start your business?


Why did you start your business in the Netherlands? How did your business come into existence?

The Company started in South-Africa in 2014 and is doing very well. We opened our Netherlands branch 1 February 2021 and to aim is to expand into new markets and deliver quality services, at affordable rates. My vision is to have a company were we build brands in a fun way.

What have been some of the challenges of doing business in the Netherlands?

  • Getting used to the new culture
  • Offering services in Dutch
  • Expanding in a Lockdown

What advice can you give to fellow South African business owners wishing to start their businesses in the Netherlands?

  • Make connections as far as you can. Join all groups, invite new people to your Social Media and get into the NL. Social stream as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that you understand the Tax regulations

Can you provide some words of inspiration to help your fellow South African business owners living in the Netherlands?

Strive to live successfully in the business environment with experience, honesty and good relationships by being innovative in the industry you know best. “Let’s work hard, but have fun while we do it” – Wian Smith-Venter

In order to support fellow South Africans, is there a discount or special discount code for those wishing to purchase your products/services?

For sure. All Saffas can contact me directly at and use the code #EuroZooKaners to get special fees from us.

The city/town/province in the Netherlands where you’re located:

Amstelveen, Amsterdam

How can we get in touch with you?







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