Southern African Wine Importer Living in the Netherlands – Interview with Pardon Taguzu

“Never see the sky as the limit to your ability but the beginning of other possibilities.”

We interviewed Pardon Taguzu about his wine business in the Netherlands. Here’s his story.

What is the official name of your business (as registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)?

Swirl and Sip Fine Wines

What services/products does your business provide?


When did you start your business?


Why did you start your business in the Netherlands? How did your business come into existence?

To add value to the Dutch wine market.

What have been some of the challenges of doing business in the Netherlands?

Corona pandemic.

Market awareness of our existence.

Resistence from the market to spend more on good quality wines.

What advice can you give to fellow South African business owners wishing to start their businesses in the Netherlands?

Always promote innovation in your business.

Can you provide some words of inspiration to help your fellow South African business owners living in the Netherlands?

Never see the sky as the limit to your ability but the beginning of other possibilities.

In which Dutch town/city is your business located in?

The Hague

How can we get in touch with you?






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