I believe I can contribute to the Dutch community but also help South African farmers

We interviewed Louise le Roux about her business importing South African wine to the Netherlands. Here’s her story.

What is the official name of your business (as registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce)?

Wijn uit Zuid Afrika

What services/products does your business provide?

Wine and products from The Little Karoo and other small wine farms

When did you start your business?


Why did you start your business in the Netherlands? How did your business come into existence?

As a young adult I travelled Europe and made a living as equestrian topsporter. After that I worked for a wine import company and later I started importing wines from my family and sister from SA.

What have been some of the challenges of doing business in the Netherlands?

I live in the rural parts of the Netherlands and getting a business started was really a challenge. But being myself, using my Afrikaans background and language, and believing in my product, I believe I can contribute to the Dutch community but also help South African farmers

What advice can you give to fellow South African business owners wishing to start their businesses in the Netherlands?

• be proud of your product

• do not be ashamed of your background

• use Afrikaans

• speak Dutch fluently

• join the local network groups

Can you provide some words of inspiration to help your fellow South African business owners living in the Netherlands?

Be true to yourself, quality not quantity, products with a story, out of the box, do not be ashamed of your background and use Afrikaans, learn to speak Dutch fluently.

In order to support fellow South Africans, is there a discount or special discount code for those wishing to purchase your products/services?

Free delivery from 100 euro, 10 % discount @ 6 bottles , retailers get retail prices.

The city/town/province in the Netherlands where you’re located:

Stevensbeek, Noord Brabant

How can we get in touch with you?

Email: Info@lerouxwijnimport.nl

Website: Www.wijnuitzuidafrika.nl

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